The Countess of Melbury's Ball

Date and time tbd


Hosted at a beautiful estate in California, our first annual 18th-century ball will be an unforgettable evening of historic immersion. The setting is 1789 in Georgian Era England and the guests will be invited to a private ball and evening hosted by the Countess of the estate. Arriving in full costume, guests will be taken by horse and carriage up to the estate before they enter an enchanting candle-lit evening featuring a multi-course Georgian meal and beverages, card games and billiards, English Country Dance called by a British Dancemaster, and surprise live performances by skilled artists. Date TBD


Location tbd


Guests arrive and are met by a horse and carriage to take them up to the mansion. Upon entering the foyer, guests will be welcomed and are encouraged to grab a beverage, mingle, and step into the gaming parlor for portraits. You will also be handed "guineas" for use in your games of the evening. Attendees will be present to gather hats, cloaks, swords, accessories, and provide a space for guests to change into dancing shoes. Ladies and gentlemen can also access separate dressing rooms throughout the evening to touch up hair (or wigs!), tighten corsets (or loosen!), and freshen up.


The ball proper opens with the Grand March. The guests are invited to line up with a partner and descend the staircase to the ballroom as the music starts. This was the fashion parade of the day to see what people were wearing and show off costumes (the leaders of the parade will have been chosen and briefed).


Dancing will continue in the ballroom while billiards, cards, and dice games begin elsewhere in the Mansion. Dances will be walked through and called. Guests are advised to attend the optional dance workshop in the morning. Guests will also continue to use this time for portraits with our photographers. Please note, it was normally only acceptable to dance with the same partner twice in the evening, so expect to interact with many people throughout the evening (we believe this is a main part of the magic of the era!). The grounds of the estate will also be available to stroll through (weather permitting...we purposely picked March hoping for dreary weather like England often has!).


​​A Georgian multi-course feast will be served banquet-style in the Versailles room and courtyard Colonnade room. You are invited to make a short toast traditional of the era at your table, and don't be surprised if you are sitting with people different than you came with!


Guests will be encouraged to descend back down to the ballroom for a special performance by a talented artist.


Dancing, billiards, cards, and dice will continue throughout the Mansion.


We depart new friends and look forward to the next year! Don't forget to grab your accessories on your way back to 2020!

The Countess of Melbury's Ball

location and date tbd